Embedding Jython in Java Applications

WGS-84 distance calculations at the speed of C

When we started with fleet management at Visual Units, one thing was really hard to get right - distance calculations. There was no end of information available, but most-to-all of it was on a level of mathematics far beyond a poor developer who feels that anything beyond discrete mathematics and basic geometry and statistics really should be somebody else’s problem. The implementations that could be found were closed-source licensed version we really could not afford at that stage.

You deserve practice

I enjoyed The Clean Coder by Uncle Bob, and would recommend it to any serious developer. I agree with almost everything in it, but there is one jarring exception - I disagree strongly with his view that because it’s your own responsibility to practice, you should not do it on paid time. Under the headline “Practice Ethics”, he states: “Professional programmers practice on their own time. It is not your employer’s job to help you keep your skills sharp for you [.

Version 1.2.0 of hgapi released