See you in Florence this summer?

I’ll be in Florence for EuroPython 2013 and do (more or less) a follow-up to the training session I held last year - a very hands-on venture into Python lanugage and standard library features that will allow you to implement your bad ideas in awesome hacks and good ideas with beautiful magic. This is how fun we had last year! Ok, so they’re all looking at their screens, but that’s kind of the point with a training session in my opinion, hands on keyboards as much as possible.

See me on an island!

I’ve really neglected to update the blog lately, but that’s at least in part because I’ve been busy doing preparations for talks - so you could /see/ me instead of read my blog! I’ll be speaking both at PyCon UK and PyCon Ireland, so if you’re going to either come chat with me! And, you know, maybe see my talks… Also, I do have a proper blog post with actual content a-brewing, and I promise it will be done Real Soon Now ™.

Blaag using Genshi, greedy bloggers adding ads, and demographics. Also ranting.

(There will be very little techical content here; if that’s what you are looking for, move along) So, I updated Blaag to use Genshi for templating (still in it’s own branch), which was a pretty pleasant experience; I cleared out some of the worst code from and ended up with a single html template instead of a host of snippets. I also added a left column to the template (should probably make it optional) so that only blog links live in the right column.