Call for Proposals: PyCon Sweden 2014!

That’s right, PyCon Sweden 2014 will take place in Stockholm on May 20-21, and you should be there! Even better, you should propose a talk on anything related to Python, and/or see if your company would not like to sponsor the event - this is a chance to reach 250 developers over two days you don’t want to miss. This event will be the first national Python conference in Sweden - a country that has hosted two Europython and has vibrant user groups and meetups, but for some reason has not been able to pull together a national PyCon until now.

On useless testing

All testing is not valuable. There. I said it. If you take a look at the source of Blaag, you might notice a certain lack of tests. No unit test, no tests at all in fact. Does this mean I do not believe in unit tests, TDD and testing in general? No! If you take a look at hgapi, for example, I wrote almost all code using TDD since that was the only way to know I got it right.