Provisioning Elasticsearch and Kibana with Terraform

Fair warning up front: this is not a Terraform, AWS, or Elasticsearch tutorial. You’ll need to know a bit or read the docs to apply the examples. When I wanted to add the AWS version of ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) which is Elasticsearch, Cloudwatch and Kibana, I hit a road block that Terraform did not support provisioning the actual streaming of logs from Cloudwatch to Elasticsearch naively. Googling lead me approximately nowhere, and I had to devise a solution from scratch.

BitSyncHub Open Sourced

A while back, I opened (as in ‘made available’) BitSyncHub, a tool to automatically synchronize Bitbucket repositories to Github. At the time I saw no real reason to open source it - it was a quick hack to solve my own problems, and I felt that anyone else could just reproduce it if they wanted to. Since then, a whole lot of open source projects, including a few big names, has started using the service, and when I had to reply to a recent support request from one of these projects that I did not have time to look into their issue due to daytime work, I realized that some projects are now depending on the service staying up and working.

Slides and videos from Stockholm Automation Nights #1

I was honored to be given the oppurtunity to speak at the first instance of Stockholm Automation Nights last week, and hope to be able to attend many more. I think it was a good mix of talks - my talk was more to the DIY side of automation, Andrey talked about Jenkins delivery flows, and Håkan Rönngren had more of a process and way-of-working focus in his talk on test automation.

PyCon Sweden - get your ticket while it's hot!

This year’s PyCon Sweden, held on the 12-13th of May at Hilton Slussen in Stockholm, looks to be a spectacular follow-up to last years success. I’m immensely happy that we got two great keynotes - Kate Heddleston and Ian Ozsvald are both amazing speakers - and I’m delighted that we got even more proposals for talks than last year, even though it did increase the amount of work to select the cream of the crop.

PyCon Sweden Call For Proposals - Less Than a Week Left

Since PyCon Sweden was a success last year, we’re doing it again this year, only slightly bigger, hopefully even better! We’ll move in to a prime venue at Hilton Slussen on the waterfront in central Stockholm, and keep aiming for the fantastic Swedish spring weather we had last year, with the conference running on the 12-13th of May. We are accepting proposals until the 16th of February - go ahead and submit your proposal today!

Call for Proposals: PyCon Sweden 2014!

That’s right, PyCon Sweden 2014 will take place in Stockholm on May 20-21, and you should be there! Even better, you should propose a talk on anything related to Python, and/or see if your company would not like to sponsor the event - this is a chance to reach 250 developers over two days you don’t want to miss. This event will be the first national Python conference in Sweden - a country that has hosted two Europython and has vibrant user groups and meetups, but for some reason has not been able to pull together a national PyCon until now.

Basic Python course in Karlskona

I will be giving a course in basic Python in Karlskrona on March 27. This is a course for those who already know programming, and would like to learn Python from the ground up, or for the developer who has done some work in Python but wants a broader knowledge and foundation. During the course we will work with a strong focus on practical knowledge and learning by doing, so that attendees can work independently with Python after the course.

Embedding Jython in Java Applications

I accidentally the server

Some of you may have noticed that BitSyncHub (and my company homepage) went down for almost three days this week. Now, I’m proud of my skills building highly available, fault-tolerant, state-of-the art and bleeding edge systems, deployed on OS, vendor and geographically redundant infrastructure, that never goes down. Sometimes a failover may take a short while, or parts of a system may get bogged down and queues build up, but the system, while on it’s knees, may never fail.

BitSynchHub now supports git, gitapi released, new hgapi version

Since I got several requests for BitSyncHub to support BitBucket Git repository synching to GitHub, I went ahead and added the functionality. The service will dedtect the appropriate repository type, and push specified branches - although the source branch will be ignored for now, so a branch speficiation of ‘foo:bar’ will simply push ‘bar’. To make this happen, I finally had to bring gitapi a bit closer to completion, so I released the first version to PyPi for general consumption as well.